Friday, April 11, 2008

The Astrophilosopher's Beginning

The title of this blog is a job title I thought of as an undergraduate. While sitting on the grass reading German literature, probably with a physics textbook nearby, I realized that though I wanted to be a scientist, in particular an astronomer, I also had very strong right-brained tendencies (I wound up with a minor in Philosophy in addition to my Physics and Astronomy major). "Astrophilosopher" and "Metaphysicist" were two job titles I liked. But I am definitely not a physicist and even avoid the term astrophysicist as well. But I have wide ranging interests in philosophy, religion, literature, and such, so "Astrophilospher" seems fitting, ignoring an astrological connotations. So this blog will hopefully give me a creative outlet for some of those other areas. As this is sort of an introductory entry, I will likely update this as time goes on.

I will note that searching the web for "astrophilosopher" brought up the following result (or non-result), so I suppose there isn't much of a market for dreamers with their heads in the stars.

We couldn't find any jobs for astrophilosopher.

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