Thursday, March 25, 2010


So this post is out of character compared to the others, and I actually thought of making a separate blog for it, but I decided as infrequently as I post to the blog I already have, I might as well continue. The idea was to make a post each day to help me write more regularly. I at least tried the first day but couldn't remember my blog password. Well, after a week I am doing one single post. So here we go . . . .

I like pizza. I've also come up with creative twists on the pizza theme, such as Pizza Soup and Pizza Bread. So at some point I decided to try to eat pizza every day of the week, trying different variations so that things wouldn't get old. I started last Thursday, having had corned beef and cabbage for St. Patty's day on Wednesday. This is what we had.

Day 1: "Normal" Pizza

Mostly normal at least. One pepperoni pizza (the only way one of my son's likes pizza), one supreme (pepperoni, sausage, red and green bell pepper, and onions), and a small white pizza (to use up some alfredo sauce in the fridge). Pizza crust was made from Betty Crocker pizza mix pouches, and cheese was mozzerella.

Day 2: Barbeque Pizza

Crust made from roll dough, sauce was half of a small can of tomato sauce and an equal amount of barbeque sauce mixed with shredded hickory smoked chicken. Mozzerella cheese and sliced smoked sausage went on top.

Day 3: Pasta Pizza

This was my wife's night to cook. Cooked rotini noodles are dumped on a cookie sheet, with pizza sauce, cheese, and sausage put on top to look like a pizza. Follows the theme but is a little different.

Day 4: Pizza Sandwiches

Hoagie rolls split in half work as the crust. Pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni and maybe red bell peppers on top. Can be eaten as open faced sandwiches (like a pizza) or folded up and eaten like a sandwich.

Day 5: Mexican Pizzas

Corn bread is cooked in a round pan for the crust. Tomato sauce with cumin and a little chili powder goes on top with taco cheese, red peppers, and smoked sausage.

Day 6: Pizza pockets (calzones)

I made a couple larger calzones, essentially made like a pepperoni pizza that is then folded on itself and pinched together at the edges. I also made a few kolache like with a small stick of pepperoni folded into a small chunk of dough with cheese and maybe sauce. A few had some broccoli chunks in there too.

Day 7: Pizza cookie

It was my wife's night to cook again, and in case she forgot to make something pizza like I planned on it for dessert. It turned out she wasn't feeling well, so I baked some leftover rotini with sauce and cheese and then made dessert.

The crust was a large sugar cookie, with red frosting for the sauce. I wanted to shave white chocolate on top to look like cheese, but the closest I found was a cookies and cream, which turned out to have more black cookie chunks then I expected. I cut up some sour cherry balls to look like pepperoni, but they kind of smashed as I cut them and didn't look as pepperoni-like as I hoped. But it tasted yummy!

So there you have it. We had pizza every day this week without getting bored or even resorting to some of my more exotic ideas.